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Free from harmful chemicals like Phosphates II Phthalates II Formaldehyde II Parabens II GMO For all human needs, nature offers the most efficient, risk-free, and beneficial treatments. At Renatus Wellness, we use modern technology and nature's healing power to create the ideal side-effect-free natural products. We create the organic Renatus XaanTouch® Mangostee Hair Cleanser with a special blend of Ayurvedic herbs that revitalise, mend, and smooth your hair. The chemical-free nature of this all-natural hair cleanser guarantees lustrous, silky, and smooth hair. It encourages healthy hair growth and protects your hair from issues like dandruff, hair loss, breakage, split ends, and other hair-related issues.

Disclaimer: Enriched in extracts of Mangosteen, Shikakai & Brahmi, known for their powerful cleaning properties and hair and scalp health benefits.

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Renatus XaanTouch® Hair Cleanser

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