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Renatus Imuuxanth™AntiOxidant     Edit


Product Description

Presenting Imuuxanth™ AntiOxidant, the ideal answer for helping your invulnerability and backing your general well-being. Made with the goodness of natural ingredients, this antioxidant supplement is intended to fortify your invulnerable framework and safeguard against several uncalled-for ailments.

Disclaimer: By and large, Imuuxanth™ AntiOxidant is a successful and normal method for supporting your immune system and working on your well-being. Give your body the lift it requires to remain robust and safeguarded with Imuuxanth™ AntiOxidant.

Renatus Kadhaayu™     Edit


Product Description

Renatus Wellness now proudly releases Kadhaayu™! A powerful well- researched nutraceutical!! With the incredible strength of 18 natural herbs, it provides your daily requirements for strengthening your immune system and provides total nourishment. When powerful herbs are mixed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, your immune system gets that optimal boost to carry out your daily activities.

Disclaimer:From Ashwagandha to Green Tea; to Turmeric; to Tulsi;to Coriander… and more, in fact,everything from the depths of nature is present in the form of a single extract.

Renatus Nova™     Edit


Product Description

Considering up to a fair bit of extent, Products which serves the purpose of both nutrition and medicare has been used time and again. But all of them lacked something - some vital factor which could have made a difference, was missing. Renatus Nova® is studded with 12 ingredients which directly originates from the laps of nature. All of these nutrients consists of some unique quality which helps our body and mind immensely. The most notable factor about these ingredients are, along with palliating ailments they can also serve as a nourishing product. None of the other products circulated before had such an array of all-round benefits. Now we all understand that to attain mental health, being physically fit, calls for special attention.

Disclaimer: If a person is physically fit, mental consolidation can be developed. This, in turn helps that person to pursue each and every possibilities in life. So this can be concluded that, Renatus Nova® plays an imperative role in opening up various possibilities.

Renatus Xaantouch® Mangosteen Hand Wash     Edit


Product Description

The frequency with which we cleanse our hands has altered over time. A consistent hand cleansing regimen has proven to be an effective strategy to avoid illness. But washing your hands over and over again with soap may cause skin damage. Like washing is important so washing your hands with a gentle yet effective hand wash is also very important. Soap usage on a regular basis can dehydrate the skin and leave it feeling dry and irritated. Our deep cleansing hand wash, which is produced with strong plant-based ingredients (such as mangosteen) and is enriched with nutrients and antioxidants, will give your hands the nourishment they need while keeping them clean!

Disclaimer: Non-toxic, hypoallergenic, pH-balanced plant-based hand cleanser that is gentle but effective.

Renatus XaanTouch® Hair Cleanser     Edit


Product Description

Free from harmful chemicals like Phosphates II Phthalates II Formaldehyde II Parabens II GMO For all human needs, nature offers the most efficient, risk-free, and beneficial treatments. At Renatus Wellness, we use modern technology and nature's healing power to create the ideal side-effect-free natural products. We create the organic Renatus XaanTouch® Mangostee Hair Cleanser with a special blend of Ayurvedic herbs that revitalise, mend, and smooth your hair. The chemical-free nature of this all-natural hair cleanser guarantees lustrous, silky, and smooth hair. It encourages healthy hair growth and protects your hair from issues like dandruff, hair loss, breakage, split ends, and other hair-related issues.

Disclaimer: Enriched in extracts of Mangosteen, Shikakai & Brahmi, known for their powerful cleaning properties and hair and scalp health benefits.

Renatus Alosteen™     Edit


Product Description

Alosteen™ Toothgel is a natural formulation with a unique blend of organic extracts of aloevera and mangosteen for healthier teeth, stronger gums and fresher breath. It is a perfect blend of natural ingredients with modern medical science providing enormous benefits to teeth and gums. Nowadays, oral hygiene and dental health are taken very seriously. We all want to have pearly white teeth and healthy gums. But most of the toothpaste brands available in the market are chemical-based. They contain chemicals like fluorides, saccharin, parabens, carrageenan, etc; which deteriorate your gums and wear out your teeth enamel. These chemicals are detrimental to your oral hygiene and dental health.

Disclaimer: Alosteen™ is an all-inclusive oral hygiene and dental health product, which takes complete care of all the dental issues. It serves as an excellent tooth whitener, cleaning the stains from your teeth, and also provides impenetrable germ protection. The active natural ingredients used in the toothgel effectively fights bad breath and cavities. Benefits and features:.

Renatus Novasteen™     Edit


Product Description

A soap comprised of quality ingredients can make us feel a lot fresher rather than an ordinary one. So usage of soap (or better to clarify, quality soap) is really a question to worry about. Generally, we tend to use soap daily while taking a bath but the question is, does the soap work well enough? So it is a question to ponder on. But what if we can be rest assured of the quality of soap, what if we can be assured that the soap can bring about real freshness. Before digging deep, let’s first understand how actually Soap helps to wipe away the dirt particles.

Disclaimer: Moreover it is debarred of harmful substances which enable pure cleanliness without any side effects. It is also considered to be very hygienic for our skin – thanks to the pure ingredients which doesn’t compromise the soap’s quality.

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